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Are you a travel agent?

We think of ourselves as travel designers that cater to the modern traveler. With our Sanara Plus package, we research all of the details and provide you with curated destinations and experiences for you to book. With the Sanara Luxe package, we go several steps further and provide a custom daily itinerary, book accommodations and activities, and make restaurant reservations.We charge a flat daily fee per day of travel and do not receive a commission from the places we recommend. Because we book travel so often, we often get discounts on hotels that we can pass along to our clients. Another benefit of using Sanara is that you don't have to book a hotel. If you already have a place to stay or prefer Airbnb, we think that's great. We'll help you find the perfect Airbnb for you. Every step of the process is completely customized to plan your dream trip on any budget.

Do you book flights, activities and accommodations?

With the Sanara Plus package, we send links that make booking easy and straightforward. With the Luxe package, we take care of the accommodation and activity bookings, as well as your restaurant reservations. You'll also get the added benefit of learning how to earn and maximize rewards points if that interests you. We do not book flights, but use a variety of services to help find you flight deals.

Can I upgrade or make changes to my trip after we've started the process?

Of course! We can always make changes to your trip and you can upgrade at any time.

Do you charge any other fees?

Depending on scope of the trip and planning, we may charge an additional fee, but will always let you know this upfront. For example, planning a last minute trip requires a lot more time on our end to due availability. We do not charge any additional fees after communicating the initial price.

Do you plan trips to places you haven't traveled?

Definitely. While we have seen a lot of the world, we by no means have been everywhere. We research your trip just like we'd research one of our own. Our service is about helping you save time and providing recommendations based on our extensive travel experience.

Where's your favorite place that you've been?

This is one of the hardest questions for us! While we don't think we can choose one overall, our three recent favorites have been Peru, Greece and Tulum, Mexico. We loved the people, views and food in Greece and the laidback, bohemian vibe in Tulum. In Peru, we loved our adventure to Machu Picchu and exploring local villages. Our favorite spots always include a mix of relaxation and adventure.

I'm interested in your services, but not planning a trip right now. What should I do?

We'd love to connect with you on social media or feel free to reach out via email with any questions:

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